Task Reference

Task Summary
adsigetprop Used to get the value of a property from an ADSI object.
adsisetprop Sets a property on an ADSI object.
astyle Formats source code in a given directory to a specified code format.
btsdeploy Deploys an assembly to a given BizTalk configuration database.
btsexport Exports bindings for a BizTalk assembly to an assembly binding information file.
btshost Allows BizTalk (in-process) host instances to be controlled.
btsimport Imports bindings from a given assembly binding information file into the specified BizTalk configuration database.
btsorchestration Performs a set of actions on a given orchestration.
btsreceivelocation Allows BizTalk receive locations to be controlled.
btsreset Allows stopping, starting and resetting of BizTalk in-process host instances on the specified server.
btssendport Allows BizTalk send ports to be controlled.
btsunbind Removes all bindings for a given assembly from a BizTalk configuration database.
btsundeploy Removes a given assembly from a BizTalk configuration database.
cccatcs Displays a ClearCase config spec.
cccheckin Checks files into a ClearCase VOB.
cccheckout Checks files out of a ClearCase VOB.
cclock Locks ClearCase elements.
ccmkelem Creates elements in a ClearCase VOB.
ccmklabel Applies a ClearCase label.
ccmklbtype Creates a label object in a ClearCase VOB.
ccrmtype Removes elements from a ClearCase VOB.
ccuncheckout Uncheckout ClearCase elements.
ccunlock Unlocks ClearCase elements.
ccupdate Updates a ClearCase view.
cd Changes the current working directory.
checksum Calculates checksums for a set of files. Loosely based on Ant's Checksum task.
codestats Generates statistics from source code.
comregister Register COM servers or type libraries.
concat A task that concatenates a set of files. Loosely based on Ant's Concat task.
deliisdir Deletes a virtual directory from a given web site hosted on Internet Information Server.
depends On execution guarantees the listed dependencies are resolved before continuing. It is particularly useful for handling dynamic dependencies that change based on some input conditions/parameters, or when the dependencies are not known until runtime.
disco Discovers the URLs of XML web services on a web server and saves documents related to them to the local disk. The resulting .discomap, .wsdl, and .xsd files can be used with the <wsdl> task to produce web service clients and and abstract web service servers using ASP.NET.
fxcop Analyzes managed code assemblies and reports information about the assemblies, such as possible design, localization, performance, and security improvements.
gac Manipulates the contents of the global assembly cache.
gac-install Installs assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by using the gacutil SDK tool.
gac-uninstall Uninstalls assemblies from the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by using the gacutil SDK tool.
grep Searches files for a regular-expression and produces an XML report of the matches.
hxcomp Compiles a Microsoft HTML Help 2.0 Project.
hxreg Registers a Microsoft HTML Help 2.0 Collection.
iisapppool Allows an IIS application pool to be controlled.
iisdirinfo Lists the configuration settings of a specified virtual directory in a web site hosted on Internet Information Server.
iniread Reads String values in INI files.
iniwrite Sets String values in INI files.
kill Immediately stops a given process.
loadproperties Loads a file's contents as NAnt properties.
mgmtclassgen A task that generates strongly typed WMI classes using mgmtclassgen.exe.
mkiisdir Creates or modifies a virtual directory of a web site hosted on Internet Information Server.
mkschanges Generates an XML file containing the differences between the sandbox and the project in the MKS database.
mkscheckpoint Checkpoints a project in an MKS Source Integrity database.
mksget Retrieves an item or project from MKS Source Integrity.
msbuild Builds the specified targets in the project file using MSBuild.
msi Creates a Windows Installer (also known as Microsoft Installer, or MSI) setup database for installing software on the Windows Platform.
msm Builds a Windows Installer Merge Module (MSM) database.
ngen Pre-translates native code for an assembly containing IL (Intermediary Language bytecode) on the Windows platform.
nunit2report A task that generates a summary HTML from a set of NUnit xml report files.
nunitreport A task that generates a summary HTML from a set of NUnit xml report files. Loosely based on Erik Hatcher JUnitReport for Ant.
p4add Open file(s) in a client workspace for addition to the depot.
p4change Create or delete a changelist specification.
p4client Add/modify/delete a client spec in perforce.
p4delete Open file(s) in a client workspace for deletion from the depot.
p4edit Opens file(s) in a client workspace for edit.
p4info Returns information from the "p4 info" command back into variables for use within the build process.
p4label Create or edit a label specification and its view.
p4labelsync Synchronize a label with the contents of the current client workspace.
p4print Fetch a specific file from a Perforce depot without needing a clientspec to map it.
p4reopen Move opened files between changelists or change the files’ type.
p4revert Discard changes made to open files.
p4set Set registry variables that perforce uses.
p4submit Send changes made to open files to the depot.
p4sync Synchronize client space to a Perforce depot view.
pvcsaddfiles Adds files to a PVCS repository.
pvcsadduser Adds a user to a PVCS project or project database.
pvcsassigngroup Assigns a promotion group to versioned files.
pvcschangegroup Changes the promotion group for specified versioned files.
pvcscreateproject Creates a project in a PVCS repository.
pvcsdelete Deletes folder, projects, versioned items and workspaces in a PVCS repository.
pvcsdeletegroup Removes a specified promotion group from versioned files.
pvcsdeletelabel Removes a label from specified versioned files or projects.
pvcsdeleteusers Deletes the specified users from the PVCS access control database.
pvcsget Gets files from a PVCS repository.
pvcslabel Assigns a version label to a revision of the specified versioned files.
pvcslock Locks a revision of the specified versioned files.
pvcspromotegroup Promotes versioned files to the next promotion group.
pvcsput Puts files into a PVCS repository.
pvcsrenamelabel Renames a label in a PVCS repository.
pvcsunlock Unlocks revisions of versioned files in a PVCS repository.
record A task that records the build's output to a file. Loosely based on Ant's Record task.
regasm Registers an assembly for use from COM clients.
scp Copies a file to a remote server using scp.
slingshot Converts a Visual Studio.NET Solution to a NAnt build file or nmake file.
sql A task to execute arbitrary SQL statements against a OLEDB data source.
sscmbatch Processes Surround SCM batch files.
sscmbranch Creates new branches for Surround SCM.
sscmcheckin Checks in files in Surround SCM repository.
sscmcheckout Checks out files from a Surround SCM repository.
sscmfreeze Freezes branches in a Surround SCM repository.
sscmget Gets files from a Surround SCM repository.
sscmlabel Creates file or repository labels for a Surround SCM repository.
sscmunfreeze Unlocks frozen branches for a Surround SCM repository.
stautolabel Task for supporting labeling of repositories with incremented version numbers. The version number calculated will be concatenated to the label.
stcheckin Task to check in files to StarTeam repositories.
stcheckout Task to check out files from StarTeam repositories.
stlabel Allows creation of view labels in StarTeam repositories.
stlist List items in StarTeam repositories.
svn Executes the svn command specified by the command attribute.
svn-checkout Executes the svn checkout command.
svn-update Executes the svn update specified by the command attribute.
typedcollection Generates collection classes based on a given XML specification file. Code generation is in the specified language.
validatexml Validates a set of XML files based on a set of XML Schemas (XSD).
vb6 Compiles Microsoft Visual Basic 6 programs.
version Increments a four-part version number stored in a text file. The resulting version number is written back to the file and exposed using NAnt properties.
vssadd Used to add files to a Visual SourceSafe database. If the file is currently in the SourceSafe database a message will be logged but files will continue to be added.
vsscheckin Used to checkin files into Visual Source Safe.
vsscheckout Task used to checkout files from Visual Source Safe.
vssdelete Used to delete or Destroy files or projects in Visual Source Safe.
vssdiff Used to generate differences in a vss database. It will show all changes to a project after the specified label.
vssget Used to retrieve an item or project from a Visual Source Safe database.
vsshistory Generates an XML file showing all changes made to a Visual SourceSafe project/file between specified labels or dates (by a given user).
vsslabel Used to apply a label to a Visual Source Safe item.
vssundocheckout Task is used to undo a checkout from SourceSafe
waitforexit Waits for a given process on the local computer to exit.
wsdl Generates code for web service clients and xml web services using ASP.NET from WSDL contract files, XSD Schemas and .discomap discovery documents. Can be used in conjunction with .disco files.
xsd The <xsd> task generates XML schema or common language runtime classes from XDR, XML, and XSD files, or from classes in a runtime assembly.